Breathing In… Welcome

Born into this world of matter, you and life seem to collide: You believe the legacy of who you were told to be. In this moment of unconscious self-betrayal, unhappiness rages and quietly replaces all your happiness in order to fulfill the unobtainable, the perfect “ideal.” Confused by what you need and what you want, not sure if you are even worthy of love, you are lost. Maybe you feel empty, lonely, abandoned.

Does this story feel familiar? It is one of my stories, too.

For most of us, life doesn’t work well. Something keeps tripping us up. “But what?,” you ask. You may have noticed a repeating pattern of how you react… but can’t seem to change. We can change. New cells are born and die every day.

Accept for a moment, without judgment, that you are lovable and perfectly imperfect. Who would you be without your complaint, dissatisfaction, rebellion, pride or fear?

The only one who can take you there is you. But you’ll have to decide whether or not to take the next step.

I’m here to help.

Bonnie Chung